10 concerts you should go if you like Hip Hop

1. Kultama in Madrid.

Enjoy this Friday 20th December in Madrid ( C / Dolores Folgueras ) Kultama´s music together with Sholo Truth, Imán, Dj Art2, Ruso Z y Error Sublime for 3 € . Kultama has been hip-hop singer since he was 15. He has worked with famous singer as La mala Rodríguez or Bebe.


2. PutoLargo y Legendario in Sevilla

After separation of the group “ Dogma CrewPutoLargo and Legendario launch at the market their new common album “Lemonade”. The presentation will be in Sevilla at Sala Events (C/ Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro) the 20th December. In the concert there will be other singers like Zatu. Price: 10€ in advance /12€ at the box office. Don´t miss it!


3. Duo Kie in Segovia

The presenters of MTV Tuning Spain are on tour presenting their new album “Inferno”. This album is considered as a masterpiece that mix classic rap rhythms with modern rap rhythms. The next concert will be on 20th December at Sala Beat Club in Segovia (C/ San Millán 3). Price: 10€ in advance /13€ at the box office.


4.Gordo Master in Málaga

Fatman or Gordo Master has been composer since he was 14. Now, he launches new album “Las 13 técnicas del maestro” and its presentation will be on 21st December at Sala Trinchera (C/ Parauta) in Málaga.  He is known for his collaborations with Duo Kie or Haze. This time he acts along with G. Flako. Price: 10€ advance/ 15€ at box office.


5. Charity concert in Alcobendas

This Saturday 21th December in Alcobendas ( Madrid) there will be a charity hip hop concert at the Centro Municipal La Esfera ( Avda. Olímpica, 14). In this concert there will be Chaman, The Black Jackets, Insane dogs, Paulon, Mendiflay, Punji, Skash and RealDtime. The price is 3€ and the 100% of profits will be donated to ACNUR for help Syria.


6. Christmas Eve at Neighborhood Watch

If you don’t  already have plans for Christmas Eve We’ll propose one plan to you . Amuse with great music with DJ T- Kut and Naone . The concert will be in Mostoles (Madrid) at Lolita Club ( Avda. de la ONU, 22)) . Free admission!


7. Estrarap Diciembre 2013

Next Friday 27th December in Badalona ( Barcelona) there´s a concert of various hip hop spanish artists. Among them are Momo with  DJ Gordo del Funk , J3L with DJ Keal and Kapo 013 with Chucky at the Sala Estraperlo (C / Isidre Nonell 9). Price: 6 € .


8. Urban Dimension ´13

Enjoy the next 28th December an amazing afternoon with good rap music in the Cockfight,watch the exhibition of graffitis and learn Parkour in their workshop. All this will be at Martos city (Jaén). Free admission.


9. Rapvivoros in concert

The last concert of the tour ” They are the rapers ” of Rapvivoros will be at Sala Eitwo  (C/ Miguel Torrelló i Pagés, 5) in Molins de Rei (Barcelona) in which they share the stage with invited artist as Ruben Rodriguez or PulidoPalido. Price: 8€ advance /10€ at the box office.


10. Costa in León

Enjoy the 29th December with the presentation of Costa´s new album, “Bestia”. There will be at Sala Studio 54 (C / Burgo Nuevo, 18) in Leon. The price of the concert:  10 € advance/ 13 € at the box office.