5 gifts for 5 styles

Christmas time is coming and each year it´s even more difficult to come up with the right present.

Our golden rule : buy something useful taking into account his or her personality. For this reason today I propose you 5 presents for 5 styles:

1. The rocker . Our friend loves anything that is made in leather. When you open her wardrobe you always find more than one leather jackets with different patterns. Buy her the Le Coq Sportif Monge Lea Spotted Pony.

le coq sportif monge lea spotted pony

2. The athlete . This friend likes to wear confortable clothes. The New Balance U410HBB is ideal for its design and its comfort.

New Balance U410HBB

3. The hippie . If your friend always wears colorful garments, loves animals and her favorite phrase is “peace and love” she’ll probably like the Gola + Liberty Art Fabrics Quota Petal.

gola liberty quota petal

4. The classic . If he usually wears shirts in navy, black or white, he likes the classics. Buy him the Le Coq Sportif Bolivar 2 Tones CVS.

le coq sportif bolivar 2 tones

5. The Futurist . If your friend is a geek, surprise him with the Puma Disc Blaze Lite Tech, a cutting edge shoe!

puma disc blaze lite tech