5 reasons why Michael Jordan is not the best player ever

There’s no accounting for taste. With that statement we could propose any kind of debate. Even when people discuss about the best basketball player, there is a … romantic group which still questions that Michael Jordan deserves that throne.

These are the reasons why they say Magic Johnson is better than the number 23 of the Bulls:

1- He was the best, in the best team of all time. The Lakers and their showtime were the absoulte kings.

2- He helped (together with Larry Bird) to save the NBA in the 80’s. The league was going through a tough time in popularity and attendance until they appear.

3- In the 80’s, the opponents were terrific, with some of the best teams seen in the NBA history, Bird and his Celtics, the Pistons, the Blazers, the Rockets, the 76ers…

4- He was the tallest point guard ever seen, with 2,06m, but he dominated the 5 positions on the court. During the 6th match of the 1980s finals against the 76ers, Magic started as Center and he had an amazing performance with 42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists.

5- Magic is the best team player ever. He made his teammates better, not only with his incredible passes, but also with a great motivating attitude.

Here you have his top ten assits. What do you think? Is there any debate?