5 sneakers to make you irresistible

It’s Monday morning, you turned up at your office and you want to make an impression. Find below a ranking with some beauties found on Instagram:

5. Adidas Japan

A model with some years on its back. We hope Adidas to reissue these shoes again.
Adidas Japan

4. Le Coq Sportif Super Quartz 1991

Le Coq Sportif is reissuing models from the 90’s. Stay tuned!
Le Coq Sportif Super Quartz 1991

3. New Balance Trail & Fell

The Made in UK from New Balance never stops surprising us.
New Balance Trail & Fell

2. Nike Roshe Premium NRG

This is why Nike calls itself an innovative company
Nike Roshe Premium NRG

1. Le Coq Sportif Zenith 1988

What a colourway! I wish I could have a pair of these.
Le Coq Sportif Zenith 1988

A special thank you to princejamal81 and lil_kenny_18 to let us use their pics.