7 apps every sneakerhead should have

This week I’ll show you a list of mobile apps for sneakerheads. Some of them will be known for sure, but, what about the rest?

Here we go:

7- Sole designer. Do you think the Air Jordan V would be “cooler” with another colourway? Just change it with this app and share it with everybody.


6- eBay. This is perfect for searching that weird pair of shoes you have been after. eBay will help you searching around the world.


5- Instagram. This is a must. You can follow the most famous sneakerheads in the world and enjoy with the great pics of their shoes.


4- Twitter. Don’t you use twitter? What are you waiting for? This social media platform will allow you to be in touch with people who shares your interests. There are a lot of sneakerheads out there, so let’s tweet, retweet… I mean, interact with them!


3- Ian’s laces. 10 ways to lace your shoes. Be original and change the way you lace your shoes. This app will show you 10 different ways to do it.


2- J23 – Jordan Release Dates and History. Do you love the Jordans? With this app, you will know their history and the release dates of the new models.


1- Sneakerology. This is an excellent app with lots of info about our lovely sneakers. We can find images, videos, inerviews, blogs, opinions…