The best 9 adidas Gazelle photos on Instagram

Instagram has become a sort of photographic album to share with all our friends and followers, and at foot District  are crazy about sneaker photos.

For this week, we came up with the idea of searching for the legendary adidas Gazelle, and you are in for quite a lot of surprises…

9,  xohyunvelyxo


He shows us that sneakers are not made only for jeans. There are many other possibilities, and tube skirts with animal print score higher every day.


8, _ricargar


This close up allows us to see his Gazelle in all their glory, and we can appreciate all the little details that make it special.


7, connorgoodwin95bfc



The detail of the golden branding gains importance in this sneaker on its black upper, and the adidas stripes in light blue make it a must in a daily everyday look.


6, meganmclean72


The love she feels for her sneakers is the same we feel for such original pictures as this one.


5, qimmikyung



Electric blue sneakers are a classic for this model, but in this picture the blue is left for the background to make way to white, glowing brightly as ever.


4, paddyhutton


The Gazelle are also meant for children, and they are released especially for them in bold colours. And so that they don’t step on their laces, they come with velcro!


3, jimbobjojo


This lovely little one can’t stop admiring his Gazelle, and neither can we.

2, christianrojas_42


This is an absolute gazelle sneakerhead, a very good idea to show his entire collection.

1, gikeyx


Walks on the beach are very relaxing, but if you wear your favourite gazelle they become a pure moment of pleasure.


                                                          Thankyou so much:  xohyunvelyxo, _ricargar, connorgoodwin95bfc, meganmclean72, meganmclean72, qimmikyung,paddyhutton , jimbobjojochristianrojas_42, gikeyx.