Adidas Gazelle: Fifty years of success

Yes, its simplicity and unaltered appearance is how the adidas Gazelle has remained timeless. However, because of its shape and the year in which it first emerged, it has even been said that this sneaker was for specific sports such as soccer, similar to what happened with other models from that time period like the Trimm-Trab or the München. Even today there is still little consensus about with what purpose the adidas Gazelle were created back in 1968, but everything points to that it wasn’t a specific sneaker, or a running or soccer sneaker, but a tribute to the animal from which it was given its name… it can be used for running, training, or both at the same time. Some people say that the name comes from Wilma Rudolph, the North American athlete known as the “black gazelle”, winner of three gold medals in the 1960 Rome Olympic Games who wore adidas. But it is precisely because of her retirement from competition in 1962 that sparked the debate of whether or not she was truly the inspiration.

adidas-Gazelle-OGHowever it happened, its particular shape and simple sole attached to the suede upper (which was in fact the first adidas sneaker to use this material for the upper) has triumphed time and time again. At that time, training sneakers were normally made of leather, and the introduction of suede marked a before and after, since (in addition to aesthetics) the material is much lighter. The first adidas Gazelle saw the light of day in two colors: blue and red, with of course the white stripes on the sides. And the color was not only an aesthetic question, as in this case they were different models with different characteristics for each field of training: the red Gazelle for outdoors and the lighter blue for smoother indoor floors. And as we said, behind its simplicity lies a story, because over the last few decades it has been incorporating innovations in the sole, such as the “Soft Protect” bar to protect the Achilles heel or the piece of vinyl on the tongue.

The silhouette has hardly changed, and the models we’re seeing in 2016 are based on the adidas Gazelle from the 90s. It was already an icon back in the 80s within the British hip-hop scene, and today it’s still one of the favorites of break-dancers. And not just in hip-hop, because in the 90s it was also associated with jazz, or indie pop. Moreover, it has gained popularity in diverse areas, two examples would be Noel Gallagher and David Beckham who have each had their own pair of adidas Gazelle. And as simplicity always wins, we’re sure that the adidas Gazelle won’t let you down:

adidas-GazelleIt boasts the same silhouette as the Adidas Gazelle edition in the 90s, and seeks out the same aspect as the original: a vintage style suede upper, inscription of the name in gold, white sole and details, and the three stitched sidebands made of leather. There are two colors to choose from in a matt or sober finish: blue or green.

Adidas-Gazelle-Azul Adidas-Gazelle-VerdeIf you’re looking to get a pair of adidas Gazelle then you’re in luck, because they’re available at

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