Adidas NMD: Stay on the move

Adidas wants to reinvent the future. To do so they have merged iconic models from the 80s with the most advanced technology. The result is the Adidas NMD. The icons are extremely well-known: the adidas Micro Pacer (1985), Rising Star (1986) and Boston Super (1987), sneakers that at the time were already after a futuristic air. The aim isn’t to unite the past with the present, it is clear however that what prevails is a modern aesthetic, always looking to the future.

While the adidas NMD have literally taken “pieces” from its predecessors, it is not just a simple remix, although the color blocks and sidebands are a tribute to the history of Adidas that is not dismissed by the NMD but, on the contrary, proudly displayed. What the adidas NMD have really gone after is preserving the best of the most successful models, but with technical improvements such as the boost sole or the ultralight upper, that recently has been released with the Primeknit material.

Tomorrow, on the 17th, several models of a new proposal will be for sale, the adidas NMD R1. There are different colorways (4 for women and 2 for men) with different upper finishes (striped or evenly toned) and with colored details (or not) on the midsole. They are available in a single color or mixed, however the basic tones they play with are gray, red, black and purple. Let’s be honest, it is hard to believe there won’t be at least one model that you will love.

adidas-NMD-R1-Red3 adidas-NMD-R1 adidas-NMD-Red
The most aesthetically striking part of the adidas NMD R1 is the texture of the upper, now in a heather point, which varies depending on the model. As a tribute to the brand’s history, the reflective TPU sidebands and the EVA insertions as color blocks on the midsole with the NMD seal remain, along with the loop on the heel.

The adidas NMD R1 models are varied, and as in the video they can’t be seen, we recommend having fun checking out the differences between each of the models on our website 🙂

Pictures via Adidas