The latest collection of extreme lightness: adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

The latest adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged collection goes on sale today, a melting pot of the newest technologies in lightness and flexibility in a very recognizable running silhouette. The advantages of this shoe can be seen from top to bottom: a Primeknit upper, Sockfit interior, midsole with Boost technology, Torsion System, Fitframe and a Stretchweb sole reinforced with Contintental rubber. As if one thing wasn’t enough.

Adidas-Ultra-Boost-UncagedThe Primeknit fabric hardly needs explaining, although it never hurts to go over the fact that it’s adidas’s strong personal commitment to lightweight materials that adapt to the foot and its movements with full breathability. The adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged come with a complementary SockFit that strengthens some areas of the shoe, prevents chafing and grips to the heel. As for the bottom, on the one hand it provides stability and independence for the front and back of the midsole thanks to the Torsion Bar and, on the other hand, it uses thermoplastic polyurethane material instead of EVA rubber thanks to the Boost technology, which stores energy from each footstep. The heel of the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged is reinforced by a TPU structure and covered with a rubber sole that adapts to the terrain.

Adidas-Ultra-Boost-Uncaged-Black2 Adidas-Ultra-Boost-Uncaged-BlackThere are several colors to choose from of the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged for both men and women. We’ve run out of grey, but very soon the others will be available at, don’t be left without a pair.