adidas ZX 750 versus Nike Air Pegasus 89

At foot District we are starting to love comparisons. After making Nike and New Balance face each other some weeks ago, today two of our favourite brands, Nike and adidas, fight again in our personal ring.

The sneakers we’re going to analyze today are the adidas ZX 750 and the Nike Air Pegasus 89. They actually have a lot in common. Both are retro-running sneakers: they are modern versions of classic running shoes. They were designed to provide a high level of performance at an affordable price, maintaining a retro silhouette while they feature new colours and materials.

adidas-zx-750-g96724_8 nike-air-pegasus-89-344082-048_7

Another interesting fact they share is that they were both released as an “improvement” of a previous version: while the 750 were meant to improve the adidas 700, Nike saw the Air Pegasus 89 as an evolution of the original model from 83.

Though both versions we’re comparing today have been a great success, they didn’t replace the previous models: both the adidas ZX 700 and the Nike Air Pegasus 83 are still important products for each brand.

adidas-zx700-d65281_1-_retocada_          nike-air-pegasus-83-599124-008_8
adidas ZX 700                                            Nike Air Pegasus 83

There are still more similarities! Chronologically, the first editions of both models were released practically at the same time: the adidas ZX 750 and the Nike Air Pegasus 89 came out during the late 80’s. This had a repercussion on the technologies they feature, as they don’t benefit from the many innovations the two brands introduced after the 90’s.

nike-air-pegasus-89-344082-048_1 adidas-zx-750-g96724_6

These sneakers feature EVA midsole and a heel stabilizer for cushioning, in addition to a waffle-like design on the outer sole: these were all state-of-the-art technologies in the late 80’s. The Nike Air Pegasus 89 features Air technology as well, to reduce the impact even more.

We’ve reviewed the date of the release and the technologies they feature, so let’s move on to the topic our eyes really enjoy. In what refers to design, these sneakers have a sports silhouette, that as years went by has earned a place in our everyday footwear. Sceptic? Don’t miss out on this post where we give you tips to combine your adidas ZX 750 ;).

adidas-zx-750-g96724_10 nike-air-pegasus-89-344082-048_9

adidas and Nike, Nike and adidas… There’s no doubt that the two sports giants keep an eye on each other’s steps. Which one do you choose?