Air Jordan 1: The shoe banned by the NBA.

1985 was a great year, not only because Michael Jordan was named “Rookie of the year” by the NBA, but also because Nike launched the Air Jordan 1. This is how the legendary “Jordans” series came into basketball scene.


Designed by Peter Moore, the Air Jordan 1 were originally released in a red and black color-way, causing a great stir in the league which was so used to white sneakers. The commissioner David stern was unwilling to break such tradition and he tried to avoid Michael to wear his brand new shoes, fining him with 5000$ each time he stepped on the court with them. Nike accepted the challenge. They happily paid each of those fines knowing that the profits of having “the shoe banned by NBA” would be much higher. Some months later, Nike reissued the Air Jordan 1 including white notes on it. These were the ones that “Air” wore more often during 1985 and 1986.

Since it was launched, the Air Jordan 1 have been reissued several times, using a wide variety of colours but keeping the essence of the original ones. All of these revivals feature the classic Nike swoosh as well as the first Air Jordan logo, a basketball lifted by wings.

Here the commercial used by Nike to promote their shoes.