How we lived the Air Max 1 Atmos event

Last Saturday we celebrated in our Madrid store the Air Max 1 Atmos Event with all our friends. Our urban grid was taken over by an Air Max exposition who items were lent by @jace_1977 , @_ignachio_ and @paupiap. Thanks guys. To keep these sneakers safe we had the help of the methacrylate @one_box_sneakers

Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_1 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_2 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_3 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_4 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_5 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_6Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_7
We enjoyed of our slot machine decorated with the Atmos print for the occasion. As a nod to the Air Max month, the prize of the day were 3D miniatures. These were hand painted by @lorenabalic.


Since this was our special celebration of the Air Max Day, there was a contest called Air Max Battle. The guest with most liked on Instagram was @bambas_madrid. And of course, the most exclusive sneakers and garments were seen at the party by our fine guests.

Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_11Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_12 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_13Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_14 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_17 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_23Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_18 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_19 Air-Max-1-Atmos-Event-Foot-District_20