Converse All Star, or how rebellion takes you to success.

Converse was founded in 1908 with the clear intention of facing the monopoly of rubber used to produce sneakers.

Mills Converse saw it plainly: it’s the strong who have their way, and so it was: he got people to speculate on the number of trucks that travelled from his factory in Malden (Massachusetts) to the stores to which they distributed in Boston.

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Loyal to his philosophy, Mr. Converse released in 1913 a catalog that said: “Our company was founded in 1908 with the strong belief that there was an honest demand from sneaker retailers for a rubber sneaker company that was independent enough not to follow all the other companies in everything they do”.

In other words, their goal was to cater for the needs of that small minority that felt repressed by the big brands of that time.

As a curiosity, “Converse Rubber Company” wasn’t always focused exclusively on producing rubber sneakers; it had another, less known business: tire manufacture. But the association with what was a brand new sport back then, basketball, was strong enough to make them go ahead with it.

Somewhere between 1918 and 1928, Chuck Taylor joins the Converse team. The reason is quite simple: Chuck T. loved basketball and wished to spread it and turn int into a trend. So the idea of working for a company dedicated to the manufacture of sneakers for this sport was not just a coincidence. 

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It was at this point, during the Chuck Taylor and Converse union, that the sole that has been the signature feature of the brand was designed: the famous All Star sneaker with a checkered sole.

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The crazy 50’s arrive, and of course a trend called “rock&roll” is born: for some, somewhat noisy, and for others, a reason to update their wardrobes, as it demanded a unique outfit. Of course, Mr. Converse saw a clear business opportunity: they proposed leather jacket, skinny jeans and boot sneakers as a uniform. In addition, not only rock and roll was born in those wonderful years: the boot sneaker was a part of another movement in the sports field: the origin of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Years keep passing by with this company’s success, and we get to the main sneaker that we connect to Converse, the world-famous All Star, the thousand colours version from 58-68.

We jump ahead in the incredible story of this company, to the 90’s, more precisely 1996… any ideas on what might have happened?

Another success for the famous “Converse Rubber Company“, the release of the Al Starr 2000, their attempt to reproduce Chuck Taylor’s All Star for the basketball league. Their distinctive features like the badge on the ankle and the red stripe on the sole turned it into a whole myth for society.

We have mentioned many keys to the story of this brand and their lifestyle, and we haven’t told you yet the reason for this post.

We present you Converse, a brand that will soon arrive at foot District