History of New Balance: tradition and innovation

Today we start a series of posts dedicated to the history of some of our favorite brands. All of them are truly representative of the sneaker culture.

The New Balance brand evokes one of the most iconic sportswear companies. It mixes tradition, design, elegance and comfort and a unique shape and silhouette. How can we mix up New balance with any other brand?

New balance was founded at the beginning of the 20th century as an orthopedic shoe company. In its more than 100 years, the NB philosophy has been based on the innovation but also the respect for the traditions, with the purpose of making comfortable and full of features trainers.

One of its most deeply-rooted traditions is to keep the spirit of the old workshops in their factories in UK and USA. Most of the classic models – the ones every Sneakerhead dreams with – are still made here.

In the next video, we can see how the shoes are made in the Flimby factory.

Some of these models have become in collector’s pieces. Next, thanks to Guillermo Lasalle’s contribution – we can see the New Balance 576 Andy Mandle that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Flimby factory. Look at the details in red, tartan, and the finishes in leather. An icon!

New Balance 576 Andy Mandle