Just enough silliness

Masterful, colossal, fantastic. These and other praises were heard and read about Tom Hanks’ performance, before the Philadelphia premiere in Spain, Directed by Jonathan Demme, he interpreted a HIV-positive young attorney, who was unfairly fired from an important lawyer’s office. I still remember what I first thought: a dramatic role will make of him a “serious” actor after showing his talent on the comedy genre. Minor genre? Not at all. I checked it myself when I watched the movie again. It wasn’t a big deal, neither I preferred to the naturalness and closeness that I knew of him. From that point, I separated myself from Tom Hanks, Jonathan Demme and others.

Praises even higher came afterwards. He brought to life a handicapped under the name of Forrest Gump. A handicapped. Yes, a good catalogue of faces, the appropriate dose of art of acting and here you are, the shortest way to the stardom. I have already seen that. ¿Overrated genre? It can’t be more true. Great to quickly shake feelings but not to spread the interpretative containment. There are distinguished exceptions, of course. I decided not to try it on this time.

Time flew and this time I found our friend Tom Hanks on TV. Tom sum it up, I would say I reconciled with them; with Hanks, with Zemeckis and others. Drippy? Naïve? Maybe, but the movie has certain magic, the principal actor is charming; goodcasting. The script, the soundtrack, Robin Wright – what a woman – and yes my friends, he wore a pair of Cortez

He holds an innate and unbreakable capacity to live happy and he wears a pair of Cortez, He was the stupid?