Take a good look at the Le Coq Sportif Eclat W Translucent and believe it: your eyes aren’t deceiving you

That the Elcat model of the French brand Le Coq Sportif are as classic as the beach sandal is pretty debatable because, who didn’t go chasing after their mother when they were little to put on those transparent sandals, in order to swim in the river, that have become fashionable again after two decades? Well Le Coq Sportif has taken their inspiration from there and have thought of uniting a retro running classic with the concept of transparent footwear and … voilá! You’re seeing correctly, because the Le Coq Sportif Eclat W Translucent you have in front of you is made of translucent material.

It’s not the only model that has been adapted to the good weather with the same translucent material, but like any sneaker the Le Coq Sportif Eclat W Translucent isn’t a sandel but has a good sole and the same silhouette as the Eclat to be able to wear in any context. Pretty cool, right?

Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat-W-Translucent5 Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat-W-Translucent4 Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat-W-Translucent3
And although it doesn’t seem so, the details are well looked after because the midsole and laces look great in white with the shoe overall, the finish of the material isn’t purely transparent but has a sort of bright speckled appearance and, be aware, the Le Coq Sportif Eclat W Translucent doesn’t come all on its own: with each pair you get a pair of socks designed by the brand that also have the glitter effect.

Le-Coq-Sportif-Eclat-W-Translucent2We know that the glitter effect of the upper material and the sock is amazing, but we also want you to show us how you combine your Le Coq Sportif Eclat W Translucent with other colors and the result, so share them with us using the hashtag #footdistrict.