My Dream Team… and their shoes!

In this post I will show you my dream team, based on my personal preferences and the ton of time spent in front of youtube…

1- Point guard Magic Johnson. Versatility, talent and spectacularity on the court. There has been no other player with his skills. He wore the Converse Weapon, as his arch-rival Larry Bird. You can see them together in the Converse weapon commercial.

2- Shooting guardMichael Jordan – The best player ever, the guy who won lots of matchs with the last ball and didn’t know the word impossible. I choose the Air Jordan XII, the shoes he wore during the famos flu game.


3- Small forward – Larry Bird – He did everything right. His 24,3 points, 8,97 rebounds and 6,3 assists per game during his whole career prove it. But, above all, he was an excellent shooter . He also wore the Converse Weapon, but never with the same colors of his hated Lakers.

choose your weapon

4- Power forward – Karl Malone – I had some doubts here since Duncan also deserved it. But I’ve considered that “the mailman” had to deal with the best years of Michael, who prevented the Utah Jazz to win the desired ring. However, his Apex mailman wouldn’t be in my top 5 of sneakers at all…


5- CenterKareem Abdul Jabbar – Hi did his best during 20 seasons, and that allowed him to become the NBA all-time leading scorer. He is still the number one. Here you can see him making his famous skyhook wearing the Adidas Kareem Abdul Jabbar low .