Nike Air Max 1 versus New Balance 576

Nike Air Max 1 and New Balance 576, two models that can be considered leading products for the american brands: both set trends back in their time and today are still in demand.

What has made these sneakers last overtime and stay unchanged by general footwear evolution? This is what we talk about in our Versus.

Both sneakers have a common origin: running, a sturdy shape, wide and bent sole on the toes designed for cushioning, and back in the day they were cutting-edge as far as footwear technology goes.

The Nike Air Max 1 meant Nike‘s salvation at a time when the company was losing sales fast, and it was a turning point for the way the brand produced its sneakers. Including an air unit that could be seen from the outside of the sneaker didn’t really cut it inside Nike at first, but it achieved the creation of a unique piece of footwear and meant the preservation of the company.

On the other hand, at New Balance they have maintained the same philosophy from their beginnings in what refers to designing sneakers following a much more traditional aesthetics, but without giving up including new technologies in their footwear.

Regarding this, it is in technology where these two sneaker models can actually “battle“. Encap sole versus Air sole, they both provide cushioning, though each in a different way. Firstly, the Encap sole is based on the addition of a saturated rubber layer with air molecules that make it much more flexible, which involves extra comfort for the user. To the contrary, the Air technology is based on the incorporation of an air capsule along the entire sole of the sneaker, and just as happens with the New Balance, it provides extra comfort, cushioning and capacity to recover.

We come to the conclusion that even though they use very different technologies, the pros and advantages these two sneaker models provide are very similar, and so choosing one over the other is complicated. Which one do you choose?.