Nike Air Max VT ‘Deep Royal Blue’ Pack QS

After the Christmas Pack, Nike has surprised us with another Quickstrike to start the year off with a truly awesome look. The Nike Air Max VT ‘Deep Royal Blue’ Pack QS draws from the Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max 1 silhouettes and have transformed it thanks to the Vac Tech technology. The entire upper section of the shoe is made from one piece thus providing outstanding durability. The ‘Royal Blue’ color is a classic however the material used with a latex-like glossy finish makes it seem much more transgressive.

Nike-Air-Max-VY-'Deep Royal-Blue'-PackWhat makes the Nike Air Max 90 VT QS unique is the Vac Tech upper made from one piece with a glossy finish all in blue (including the shoelaces). The white midsole with the typical air chamber and rubber colored sole combines perfectly with the blue of the upper part.

Nike-Air-Max-90 VT-QSThe Nike Air Max 1 VT QS is somewhat more original, combining the cloth upper identical in color to the Air Max 90 with the added plus of black leather panels. In this case, both the front and the entire bottom part, except for the sole, are black.

Nike-Air-Max-1-VT-QSThe Nike Air Max VT ‘Deep Royal Blue’ Pack is available from today January 8th, and of course is also available at 🙂