Nike Challenge Court: for the nostalgic of the 80’s

Never so much talent got together in the ATP Tour. Never the Tour included players with skills and personalities so diverse. And all of them disputed the tennis hegemony. The coldness of Bjorn Borg, the temperament and genius of John McEnroe, the unbreakable character of Jimmy Connors and the strength of Matt Wilander, competed and delighted the tennis fans with years of the best tennis.

These players were the icons of brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas and Diadora. I can recall the Adidas Lendl Supreme, the Puma Vilas, the Diadora Borg Elite and one that Nike has reissued this year and that I have felt in my hands: the great
Nike Challenge Court Vintage.. Although I didn’t live in these years, a pity, today I have the opportunity of wearing them. I see them and I want to emulate these fantastic players.

Nike Challenge Court Vintage