Our tribute to Steve Jobs

Tomorrow it is the second anniversary of the passing of our idol, Steve Jobs.

Foot District wanted to pay him a tribute and think about his figure. A lot has been written regarding his peculiar personality and his unique way of seeing the world. So much so that with each decision Apple takes, everybody wonders, what would has Steve Jobs done? He was a pioneer, a revolutionary, someone whose long shadow overcame the largest company in the world, Apple.

Something that always stroke us was the fact that an innovator, remained loyal to a defined fashion style. Marketing? It’s likely. The truth is that Jobs wanted to establish some sort of workplace uniform at Apple. The idea came up after a visit to Japan’s Sony factory. This didn’t work out but Jobs kept it for himself.

He ordered Issey Miyake to make him some of the black turtlenecks sweaters. The Japanese designer made him like a hundred. On top of this jersey, he added a pair of Levi’s 501 and a pair of New Balance 992. That was his workplace uniform, the one he wore on the keynotes while holding the gadget that would change our lives.

Which lesson did Jobs give us with the bonding to this uniform? Remain loyal to your principles!