Puma Suede Animal, a wild classic

The Puma Suede is almost 50 years old and there’s much history behind it.

It was launched in 1968 and from the very first moment it became famous. During the México 1968 Olympic games, the athlete and famous civil rights defender Tommie Smith, beat the 200 meters world record running in less than 20 seconds. His gold medal was waiting and then, one of the most memorable moments in Olympics was about to happen. Tommie was on the podium when he raised a black-gloved fist as an act of protest known as the “black power” salute. Next to him, the Puma Suede were also ready for the photo.

Here a video with the run and the medal ceremonies.

Yes, We have seen the Puma Suede reissued multiple times, with different colors and fancy designs. And yes, the animal print has been featured before, but this Puma Suede Animal is still special. The aqua green will catch the eye, as well as the black leopard print. This, in combination with the excellent suede will delight the fans.

The leopard print is present in most of the shoe except for the formstripe and other small details in black suede. Last but not least, the branding appears in an elegant gold shade.