Saucony Jazz Low Pro, your everyday comfort.

Saucony takes a big step up in the retro-running sneaker market: this week we’re going to talk about the Jazz Low Pro model.

Retro-running lover, with these Saucony Jazz Low Pro you’ll be able to match your style without giving up on the comfort of running sneakers, because they come in different colours.

Saucony Jazz Low Pro blue and pistachio green


The Jazz Low Pro model by Saucony continues with the most classic styles, since it’s based on the conventional shape of the Jazz Original, while adding some improvements to go with the times, so you’re always setting trend.

The colours are electric blue and pistachio green: a fun combination that will add a touch to your spring looks.

Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866149_1 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866149_2  Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866149_4 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866149_5

Saucony Jazz Low Pro blue and neon yellow


If you liked the colours of the previous Saucony and you are male, don’t worry, this brand has you covered up and has made another one almost equal to it in male sizes, so you can both wear matching styles.

Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866144_1 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866144_2 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866144_3  Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866144_4

Saucony Jazz Low Pro fuchsia and white 


Do you like pink, but think you might get tired of it? Don’t you fear, these Saucony Jazz Low Pro in fuchsia pink and white will provide you with the adequate touch for you to wear them without fear of leaving them to collect dust at the back of your closet.

Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866147_1 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866147_2  Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866147_3 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-1866147_4

Saucony Jazz Low Pro grey and neon yellow


Are the blue and neon yellow Saucony Jazz Low Pro too flashy for you? Saucony also brings a slightly more sober combination. These particular ones mix charcoal grey and small neon yellow details placed on the inside of the sneaker and the rubber of the sole.

Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866142_1 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866142_2   Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866142_3 Saucony-Jazz-Low-Pro-2866142_4

In addition, all these Saucony Jazz Low Pro come with two sets of laces, so you can combine them however you prefer.

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