Sneakerheads’ tribes

Many labeling of urban tribes has been done: by their origin, by how they wear, by the music they listen to, by how they have fun. It is possible that someone has also looked at what they put on shoes. Shoes are a powerful symbol of identity and have been considered as an indicator of group belonging. If we think in Dr. Martens, it is easy to imagine the skinny pants and the punk style; by thinking in a pair of Havaianas, you fancy yourself with a surfboard. These days, fashion and trends have resulted in a crossover between tribes, but the spirit remains.

In the sneaker universe, you can also differentiate groups, styles, trends and some evolution over time when picking sneakers. Thus, we can link the iconic Reebok Classic Tennis with the preppy girls; now they wear Converse, always shiny, of course. On the opposite were the bad boys, who sat down at the back of the bus, with their Nike All Star and Circa sneakers; they have switched over to Nike Air Jordan or Adidas Superstar or Vans or maybe they have been loyal to the original ones.


Many of us wear running sneakers, reissues of sneakers that were memorable, with vintage treatments and cared for down to the last detail, which we never put on for running. But, what did we wear before?