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It all began with a vintage pair of sneakers. It was at St. Paul’s Boutique, in Berlin, more than 15 years ago that Quote first dived into the world of sneakers when he bought his first vintage pair. A sign-maker by day, a professional sneaker collector all day long, Quote is all about search, collecting and searching some more. In the end, it all comes down to a good story, a really good archive, a passion, and the demand for more, always. Quote’s path is all that and much more. Join us in this journey to find more about his collection and his unique passion for all things adidas.

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Who is Quote?
I was born and raised in Berlin and I still live here. My general job is sign-maker.

What is your first memory regarding all things sneakers? Can you go back and tell us when did the magic first happen?
My first pair of sneakers I got was for school sports, I was really happy about it. When I got older I realised that most people used sneakers not really for sports, but for fashion. So I did it also. I got my first pair of vintage shoes at St. Paul’s Boutique in Berlin, I had no idea they were vintage but I loved the style. So it all started vintage related.

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How would you define your relationship with adidas? Emotional wise in particular?
First I just liked the models from adidas more than any other brand. When I got deeper into the Vintage thing I realised adidas had the biggest back catalogue of wearable shoes, so I focused on adidas. I read every book about the company, I talked to other collectors from all over the world and start researching on my own.

Can you tell us about three of the latest models that you got and just how did you get them?
After all those years of collecting, sometimes people contact me, because they know I am into vintage adidas. The latest pair I got was from a collector from Portugal! A pair of Quorum in a never seen before colorway. But, in general I still search the web or follow several selling groups on social media.

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What are your thoughts about all the retro editions? Do you think that there are models that should not be released again?
I would like to see some more Vintage models getting re-released, why not?! When they are good, and made a decent way, have the OG Colorway, I would love to see some more. It gets more difficult to get vintage pairs, so reissues are not so bad at the end.

You participated in several adidas’ projects during the last few years – can you tell us about a special moment during the preparation and production of one of them?
When my telephone rang and on the other side was Herzo (adidas headquarters) and wanted to ask if me if I wanted to participate and work on a project with them – I will never forget that. It was the beginning of a great time, I met so many nice people. I was honoured and I tried to make the best out of it.

Apart from the really old models is there currently a particular vintage silhouette that you’re after?
The Spezial range from adidas contains a lot of models I love. Also models like hybrids with the touch of these models. Every model has its unique story and for my style also the clothes are just perfect.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the huge growth of all the sneakers industry? Is this a good thing, or perhaps there are are now too many people and too many money going around this whole show?
I think that, as always, there are two sides of the coin. I mean some of us have been doing this for almost 15 years now, or longer. They will never be a part of the sneaker industry because they see themselves as collectors. Of course there is a lot of money floating around, for reissues and hyped limited the same ways. For myself I am just trying to do my thing, do what I like and buy what I like. I am not following a trend, I think some of the kids do that, but they will be gone as fast as they popped in.

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