The 5 Best foot District selling shoes of the year

After last week celebration of our first year open to the public, we were curious about our top selling sneakers of the year at foot District.

Indeed, we have more than five successful shoes but we don´t want to bore you with a long list so we chose the following sneakers. Are you curious about it?

We present you the top 5 shoes of foot District :

5 # New Balance ML574NT

Our little big Hulk. The fans like these shoes for the intensity and brightness of their color. In addition, this model is based on the popular superhero from Marvel Comics, Hulk. I am not sure but if Stan Lee has a pair of these sneakers , why weren´t you going to have one of these?

New Balance ML574NT

4 # New Balance ML574WBB

 “The heaven on your feet “. These sneakers have a very relaxing color and their soles are so comfortable that they can perfectly claim to themselves ” like walking on clouds “. Overall, this make them perfect to live well in that stressful modern life. This was probably the reason of their success in our store.

New Balance ML574WBB

3 # New Balance WR996UZ

Because urban trends are not in conflict with chic ones. This is one of the hits for this season. We don´t need to ask why. Their animal print details and their pink touches make them the desire of all. If you don´t know how to combine them, Saray explains us  in our blog. Cheek here:

New Balance WR996UZ

2 # NIKE Vortex Vintage Green

We love spicy ! These colorful NIKE shoes give us strength by only looking at them. Also they remember us the delicious flavours of Mexican food.

NIKE Air Vortex

1 # New Balance U420KBR

These sneakers have been highly acclaimed by girls and boys. They are one of the most successful unisex models this year. Wear like your couple is still a funny game nowadays so if you don´t have ideas for Christmas, include this in your boyfriend or girlfriend gift list.

New Balance U420KB