The best #whytheseshoes of November

November has come to an end and as a result of that, we have decided to select the best #whytheseshoes of the month.

To date we can state that the sneakers are wanted for many reasons. Some people like them simply because they are comfortable, others like them because of their colors and shapes. But there is a group of emotional people who have their own memories attached to their sneakers and they feel as if they were part of themselves.

For all this and more  I leave here the 7 best #whytheseshoes of November:

1. @srtaevelyna wears a pair of New Balance shoes. The reason: they are perfect both for sport look and for casual look. On top of that, she loves them when they are flashy and she also thinks that the sneakers define her.


2. @taniaperez11 wants her sneakers to be comfortable, colorful and easy to combine with different clothing styles. Adidas brings her great memories like when she went camping with her friends.


3. @crisgutierrezm doesn’t look for complicated sneakers. They must have two features: comfort and combinality. However, they must have certain shapes and colours.


4. @stela_otero want a pair of colourful shoes, that´s why she bought these New Balance kicks. But when we asked her if she had any memories with these shoes we touched her She said that this brand made her remember when she played basketball with her team.


5. @santxez1 said that he always liked this kind of shoes, the NIKE AIR. He also remarked that he never buys a pair of shoes without approving its shape, one of the most essential features of a sneaker according to him.


6. @laura_salgue wants her sneakers to be combined with different clothes.The pair of Converse she is wearing brings her sweet memories. She remembers when her mother bought them when she was a child.


7. @dieguitovd fell in love of these New Balance shoes and couldn’t resist buying them. Amidst laughter he told us that he was very careful with them. He watched out where he stepped with to keep them like new longer.