Tourmalet: ‘The Distance Mountain’.

For those of us who love the sports in general, cycling in particular, Col du Tourmalet, or just Tourmalet, is more than a mountain pass. And for those who are more clueless, just say that Tourmalet means ‘the Distance Mountain’ will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Although this year the Tour de France has decided to dispense with it , the truth is that the Tourmalet is one of the most iconic mountain for cycling, not only for its difficulty but also for the battles over the years. Moreover, it’s the most frequently included mountain pass in the itinerary.


Since joining the french race, in 1910, the Tourmalet has seen suffering over the bicycle lots of the best riders of all time. Merckx, Hinault, Indurain, Armstrong o Anquetil have carried out truly feats on its roads, or unpaved roads for Bahamontes…

In this video we can see one of the four times that Bahamontes crowned the peak as leader.

Le Coq Sportif showing its commitment with cycling, has paid tribute to the peak with this jewel, the Le Coq Sportif Tourmalet. And if the name is not enough, the shoe comes with a grip outsole and a refined style which give it an irresistible cycling look.