Which Air Max would you like to see reissued? Choose thanks to Vote Back

Nike is going overboard during March to mark the Air Max’s birthday. Of course, considering that between some models and others they have approximately 9,728 releases, it is understandable. Yesterday the Vote Back was launched, one of the initiatives around the 26th, when the first Air Max reached 29 years old. 100 very special models have been chosen and at the same time a vote has been opened in order to reissue the shoe that gets the most votes. Choosing from over 9,000 models is hardly feasible, so 100 sneakers have been selected to serve as a meaningful sample menu. The Air Max 1, 90, 95 and BW are among them, but also some of the less classic models such as the Nike Air Max 93, 97 and 98. Overall very special editions have been included, such as the Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant, which stands out among the AM1, possessing an elegant animal print and color combination between black and jade:

Air Max-1-Atmos-Elephant
…Or the Air Max 1 Urawa (2004), inspired by the colors of a Japanese football club, just like the Air Max 97 Brazil that, in addition to being a football tribute to the 2014 World Cup, is also part of a collection inspired by Brazil, its cities and of course, its nature, hence the green color of the upper.

Air-Max-1-Urawa Air-Max-97-Brazil
Then there are the classics like the Air Max 95 that, with changes as simple as being able to choose the colors of the details, has turned it into a collector’s gem. And if not, just take a look at the emerald color of the tongue and the details of the Air Max 95 Emerald:

And of course, there are commemorative editions of sporting events such as the Air Max BW USA, in memory of the Atlanta Olympic Games.

However this is only a small sample, we recommend discovering each of the models one by one and the history behind them. And as you can vote one time per day, you can slowly surprise yourself and if you wish, change your mind. To participate in Vote Back you just have to vote on their web, but you only have until the 25th because the 26th is the anniversary of the Air Max and so voting closes on the 25th. As of now the Air Max 90 Duck Camo, Air Max Zero and the Air Max 2015 Flyknit are in the lead.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we would like to mention that if you live in Barcelona you still have time to sign up for the Nike ID workshop on creating your own Air Max with Sergi Roberto on the 17th. Stay informed and take advantage of the #AIRMAX events this month, which are well worth it 🙂