Wear some colour on your feet!

You wake up in the morning, you choose a pair of jeans, your favorite cardigan and the most important choice of the morning, my trainers. Ups, I was forgetting my socks. I open another drawer and I blindly choose the first ones I can touch. Umm, I hope they are not white. The white sock has ruined severely the men’s fashion. Hang on! Let’s rewind. This time is over. Nowadays you have to carefully choose your socks.

When I was little, the socks were bought in packages that normally included three or four pairs. This decision, which seemed profitable, turned out a waste of money. I ended up wearing the ones I liked it, one or two at most, and didn’t use the others. As I was saying before, this time is gone for good. The happy socks in showy colours have been selling on stores like Zara or Urban Outfitters for years. But I was missing a brand purely based on socks full of like. I found it Sockaholic. So no sooner said than done, I have bought a pair of deep red/pink and blue socks for my sneakers. Now I can cross my legs when I’m sat!

Nike Air Vortex Vintage