What do your Nike sneakers hide?

We live in an era of ongoing evolution in every aspect of our lives, and one of them is technology. Because of this, brands are always coming up with new innovations for their sneakers.

Many times we hear words like “Air“, “Encap“, “Flyknit“… which we link to footwear, but… what benefits do these technologies provide for us?

 At foot District we will try to explain, through several posts, the benefits and advantages that the technological innovations inside your sneakers provide, both for the everyday life and the practice of sports.


Today we are going to talk about Nike. This brand from the USA is currently considered to be the most active on investigating new technologies to incorporate them to their sneakers. More precisely, we will talk about the AIR Technology and the Lunarlon.


The AIR technology is based on a capsule filled with pressurized air, extremely resistant and flexible, that is usually found under the heel, though it can also be located along the entire sole of the sneaker. This capsule, called Air Sole, is compressed during each step, thus reducing the impact against the ground, and automatically recovers its original shape when the foot is lifted.

Tecnologia AIR MAX

As to the advantages this technology has to offer, the main one is weight reduction, thanks to the substitution of common materials in the structure of the sole for air. This allows for higher agility and effort reduction, not only for the practice of sports bud also for our everyday tasks with an increased comfort.

Secondly, another aspect to highlight is that, as was already mentioned before, the cushioning provides protection for both joints and muscles or tendons of the wearer.

Finally, and more related to sports, the AIR technology is very versatile.  The air chamber can be filled with a customized pressure, adjusting its features so that the athlete gets the best performance he can according to his or her physical attributes.


We continue with another technology used by Nike to manufacture their soles. In this particular case we talk about the Lunarlon cushioning, based on the incorporation of a high density foam core (designed by NASA) injected in the sole of the sneaker. What is the point of this? The main benefit this material offers is that it provides a softer cushioning on each step. This happens because the weight of the wearer’s body is evenly distributed on the entire sole, and not only on critical areas of the foot.


Second, another benefit provided by both the Lunarlon Technology and the AIR technology is their great reaction. The material they use has an excellent regenerative behavior, which means that after the foot is pressed and lifted, it automatically recovers the original position and is completely ready for the next step.