10 rappers of the Old School Rap you should listen

Nowadays, when you listen to today´s music and you compare it with the music that our parents used to listen, you can always find similarities. No matter if the musical style is : pop, heavy, rock … With regards to rap music, you can´t state the same.

Today’s rap has nothing to do with the one that was originated in Latino and Afro-American neighborhoods in New York city between the 70s and the 80s. This was the moment when the “urban culture” was born.

This first generation of urban artists was considered the Old School Rap, which was characterized by creating a simpler and with more cadences rap than the current one, because the lyrical was less important than the rhythms. This was influenced by funk, soul and Latin rhythms.

In addition, over the years, this new style not only brought new types of music or tunes like the  hip hop or the scratch (DJ technique with vinyl disc in the sound mixer). It also came with it a new way of life with a new ideology, a new style of art (graffiti) and a new way of dance (breakdance).

Although many years have passed since the birth of this new generation, they keep influencing today’s music. So today I bring  you 10 rappers of the Old School Rap that you should listen. So press play!

1. Afrika Bambaataa


2. DJ Kool Herc


3. The Sugarhill Gang


4. Funky 4+1


5. The Fat Boys


6. Kurtis Blow


7. Doug E. Fresh


8. Grandmaster Flash


9.Roxanne Shanté


10. The Sequence


If you want to know more Old School Rap artists you should visit this link:  http://www.allmusic.com/subgenre/old-school-rap-ma0000002762/artists