10 things you didn´t know about NIKE

NIKE is a globally recognized brand in clothing and footwear, but what’s behind it? Today I’ll show you 10 curiosities about NIKE :

1. Nike was founded as BLUE RIBBON SPORTS in 1964, and became officially Nike Inc in 1971.


2. NIKE´s name comes from the Greek Goddess of Victory.

3. The famous swoosh is inspired by the wings of  the famous sculpture “Winged Victory of Samothrace”, also called Nike of Samothrace .

4. NIKE´s logo was designed by the graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson. For this work she was paid $35 . Today the logo would cost millions of $ .

nike swoosh

5. The famous slogan “Just Do It” was first used in 1988.

6. In 1982, the tennis Air Force One were the first shoes in the world to use the famous Air technology .

7. The first innovation of the company was made ​​with a waffle maker and rubber. This resulted in a sole with vents , lightweight , with good cushioning and great traction.


8.  NIKE has designed special sneakers to Native Americans .

9. In the 80’s NIKE was in crisis. This was the moment  when they signed a contract with Michael Jordan, a promising young basketball player. This decision led them to rebound in the market.


10 . NIKE markets about 150,000 products in over 160 countries.

Nike Air Tailwind