10 sneakers that match with my 10 teams of the NBA

The best basketball league in the world has already started: the NBA. This season will bring epic games as the always interesting New York Knicks vs Chicago Bulls . They are currently playing the regular season, but the best is yet to come with the Playoffs : West Coast teams against East Coast ones in order to elucidate which one is the best team of the season, but we will have to wait until April to watch it.

But, what makes this league great is the fan base. It´s impressive the fervor we feel with the start of the season and the enthusiasm with which we watch our teams playing in the basketball court. This has reached such a point that the teams colors have become some sort of a second skin for us. So, today I present you 10 sneakers that match with my 10 teams of the NBA.

 1. Milwaukee Bucks and the New Balance M576TOL Fresh Peppermint.

New Balance M576TOLPhoto player by: mbk2824


2. New York Knicks and the New Balance ML574APB.

New Balance ML574APBPhoto player by: Free Company Sports


3. San Antonio Spurs and the New Balance ML574SRK.

New Balance ML574SRKPhoto players by: killbucky


4. Orlando Magic and the New Balance ML574WBB.

New Balance ML574WBBPhoto player by: Keith Allison


5. Los Angeles Clippers and the New Balance ML574RUR.

New Balance ML574RURPhoto players by: NatashaLamont


6. Miami Heat and the New Balance M620RW.

New Balance M620RWPhoto player by: Who´s the bet?


7. Boston Celtics and the New Balance ML574RUG.

New Balance ML574RUGPhoto players by: Keith Allison


8. Houston Rockets and the New Balance ML565GWR

New Balance ML565GWRPhoto player by: thepanamerican


9. Memphis Grizzlies and the New Balance ML574SRN.

New Balance ML574SRNPhoto players by: Mark Runyon


10. Chicago Bulls and the New Balance ML574WBR.

New Balance ML574WBRPhoto players by: Matt Wood