5 socks for 5 sneakers

I don´t know if you face the same problem than me, but I waste so much time in the mornings by deciding what to wear. One of the things that gives me headaches is to choose socks for the day.

Look after the styles is one of my virtues (or one of my faults depending on how you look at it) but you can´t refuse that wearing shoes with the right pair of socks gives more personality to your style.

So today I decided to show you a selection of 5 socks and their combination with 5 pair of shoes. Let´s go!

1) The intense colors of the Puma Blaze of Glory go well with dark socks. Black and grey striped ones look great.

Puma Blaze of Glory

2) The Gola Flyer in yellow are based on a design from the 70´s. We think the best idea is mixed it with colored dots socks. Stuning!

Gola Flyer

3) The New Balance M576NCP has a classic and simple design. What if we break patterns? Our choice are these socks in a colorful patchwork.

New Balance M576NCP

4) The colors of the New Balance U410HBB look great with a striped pair of socks in pink and red burgundy. For stylish shoes, use these stylish socks.

New Balance U410HBB

5) Let’s mix the Le Coq Sportif Eclat Suede in electric blue with a pair of white and orange striped socks. They look great.

Le Coq Sportif Eclat Suede

How do you mix your shoes and your socks?

Note: all socks are from Happy Socks