5 urban artists that you should definitely know


He is the king of the British Street Art. Popular for his satirical works, nobody knows his true identity but it´s known that his art was born in the streets of Bristol, which is considered his hometown. His last and most controversial work was his Christmas card for this year in which he makes a reference about the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. One of the best graffitis of Banksy is the kiss between two British policemen.


Author photo: Mr Andrew Murray


This Italian artist was born in Bologna and like Banksy nobody knows his real identity. He is known for making surrealistic large-scale graffitis with satirical tone that  take up complete facades. Also he is known for mixing video and street art along with the collective OK NO.



Known as the “Pavement Picasso”, this English artist has traveled throughout Europe drawing in the ground of the streets. He paints realistic works with the anamorphosis technique. This technique creates a 3D optical illusion from a particular viewpoint. The most impressive thing is that Julian Beever uses simple colored chalks for his work. In his TV programme “Concrete Canvas” he showed the artistic process of the work that he was doing in the city that he was visiting.



This Portuguese artist, whose name is Alexandre Farto, is known for using as “brushes” drills, chisel and even explosives to develop his art on the walls. He is known for sculpting realistic faces on the walls. His fame grew when his face appeared next to one of Banksy´s graffiti at the Cans Festival in London.


Author photo: Ivan Darko


This french artist and photographer, whose identity is unknown, is called the “clandestine photographer”. He is known for mixing photography, lithography and graffiti in his works but above all, he is known to take pics of ordinary people and then make giant posters and place them at strategic points in the city. He always said that the streets are “the largest art gallery in the world”.


Author photo: artofthestate