7 curious tips that you didn’t know about Adidas

All of us have had a pair of adidas shoes but we are sure there are load of things that we don’t know about the brand. From the brand origins back on the 20s up until today, we present you 7 tips about the three stripes brand.

1. The founders of adidas and Puma were the brothers Rudolph and Adolph Dassler, main characters in one of the most cruel business rivalries of all time. Both of them started to make sporty shoes on the 20s in Herzogenaurach (Alemania). Their differences intensified after the Second World War II, and led to their break up. Rudolph founded Puma and his brother Adolph renamed the company as adidas. Both coexisted in the same small town, tough not in peace: for example, relationships between workers of the two companies were forbidden.

hermanos dassler

2. Adidas is a combination of Adolph’s nickname Adi and the first three letters of his last name. So the acronym “All Day I Dream About Sport” actually came afterwards.

3. Jesse Owens won four gold medals on the 1936 Olympic Games with a pair of shoes made by the Dassler family.


4. One of the first Adidas’ appearances took place on the final of the Swiss World Cup on 1954. The German team beated the strong Hungarian squad in the called “Berna’s miracle”. The German player wore Adidas boots. These allowed them to not slip when it started to rain.

5. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the legendary Lakers player, was the first sportsman to have a signature shoe.

Adidas Jabbar

5. You most likely know the legendary Stan Smiths, but it might surprise you to know that they were the first sneaker ever to be made of leather: canvas was the rule before in that sport. You can learn more about adidas sneakers with our infographic!


6. Adidas bought Reebok on 2005. With this movement it reinforced its position on the American market.

7. From 2006, Adidas is the officIal provider of the NBA. On top of that, it sponsors Tim Duncan or Tracy McGrady and so on.