7 great sport rivalries in the 80’s

Today we all enjoy the matches between Cristiano and Messi, Nadal and Djokovic or the duels  between Alonso and Vettel. For this post, I’d like to remember the greatest rivalries in the 80’s, with some of the best sportsmen in history.

Here you have my 7 choices:

1-Carl Lewis vs Ben Johnson – Although Ben Johnson was banned for doping, both of them brought to us epic duels on the 80’s.


2-Senna vs Prost – The most loyal rivals. They were teammates, then both egos collided and eventually became friends again.

3-McEnroe vs Borg – “Ice and fire”, two antagonistic styles but two tennis geniuses. As a result of this rivalry, one of the best matches in tennis history took place, the Wimbledon final on 1980.

4-Lakers vs Celtics – The greatest NBA rivalry, the LA showtime vs the Celtics sobrity, Bird against Magic, not much to add here.

5-Karpov vs Kasparov – A duel that went beyond the merely sporty. Karpov represented the inmutable communism that ruled the country while Kasparov embodied the change. He was called the “Child of change”

6-Juventus vs Napoli – Both teams incarnated an ancient rivalry. The undeveloped south of Italy against the prosperous north region. With the arrival of Maradona, the Vecchia Signora kneeled down for two years.

7-Coe vs Ovett – These two English athletes competed fiercely during this decade, beating each other’s 800m and 1500m records.