8 open questions about the 2013-2014 nba season

A new season of the best basketball league in the world began on tuesday and I have a bunch of open questions. Will you help me to clarify them?

1.- Derrick Rose. The winner of the 2011 NBA MVP award, comes back after two tough seasons  with injuries and a lot of speculation about his return. Will he be the same? Adidas has created a great expectation about Derrick’s comeback with a spot series. Here you have the first one.


2.- San Antonio Spurs. Gregg Popovich’s guys will be a hard rival again. Will that be enough to win the NBA? Parker is fully motivaded after the french victory in the last Eurobasket. He will lead the mission.

3.- Miami Heat .- Three-peat for Miami ? Lebron, Wade, Bosh and the rest of the team will fight  to achieve his third title in a row. Lebron will wear the awesome Nike Lebron XII for it!


4.- Rookie of the year? – Bennett was selected (surprisingly) nº 1 in the last draft, but that doesn’t mean He is the best candidate for the “ROY”. Actually, Oladipo, Porter or Noel will have it easier in their teams than Bennett in the Cavs.

5.- Houston Rockets – After being responsible for the transfer of the summer, Howard and the Rockets will start the season as another title-contender. Will they resist until the end?


6.- Carmelo and the Knicks – As happens every year, the Knickerbockers fans will go to the Madison relying on Carmelo to take them back to the finals, more than 20 years later. Is this the year?

7.- Will the black mamba bite again? – This season will be a tough one for the Lakers. Howard’s departure, Kobe’s injurie, the lack of confidence in the coach… The lakers’ success will depend on Kobe again, and everything is possible with him in the court.

8.- Oklahoma City Thunder, title-contender? – From the very first moment Harden left the team,  all the pressure was put on Durant and Westbrook. We all saw during the last play-offs what it happened when one of them was out…

These are my doubts for this seaons. What are yours?