8 facts about New Balance that will surprise you

New Balance is one of our favourite brands, and there is no doubt that we have already told you a lot about it and its products. Nevertheless, we hope these curious things we bring today will still surprise you.

1-Even though we all know New Balance for its sneakers, the brand actually started by selling orthopedic products back in 1906. Its founder noticed how chicken legs (no kidding) stood on three points, and invented a supporting arch also based on three points, which he applied to footwear. He hoped that this new technology would alleviate the pain that workers suffered due to long hours of work on their feet.

2-Though New Balance was originally founded in Boston, its founder, William J. Riely, came from England. Even if it wasn’t until after his death when the brand got to expand to England, its identity is almost as british as american.

3- The New Balance 577 was issued in black and silver for the israeli army. A stylish army, or what?

New Balance 577 xModeNew Balance 577. Imagen de xMode

4- The New Balance Trackster were the first sneakers to be produced in different widths, and they symbolize the aspiration of the brand to give each person the shoe that best covers their needs.

5- To design the 990, New Balance invested 4 years! And it was worth the wait: the new model offered flexibility, stability and support, combined with a premium design.

New Balance 990. Imagen por Chris Cusson

New Balance 990. Imagen por Chris Cusson

6- One of the guidelines followed by New Balance, and one that defines its philosophy, is to avoid, if possible, moving the production to foreign countries. And even though it is true that they have factories in cities like Boston, a sneaker needs to have 70% of its material produced in the USA to display the badge “Made in USA“.

New Balance Made in USA

NB Made in USA. Imagen por Luciano Zanardo

7- Why do New Balance models have numbers instead of names? It is because of a man callod Arthur Heckler. Instead of naming the models, he chose to number them, in order to focus on the brand and not on any particular model. Today the brand carries on with that philosophy, and the numbers grow together with new technologies and designs.

8- Since 2010, New Balance is working with Westin Hotels, a luxury resort and accommodation company, to lend sports equipment to their guests. Those staying in Westin hotels can ask for New Balance sport clothes and sneakers and just go exercise. This way guests don’t need to carry their sports equipment in their luggage. The motto of the campaign: “You are more likely to exercise if it is convenient”