A legend has arrived at foot District: adidas Boston Super

No less than 30 years have gone by since the release of the original adidas Boston Super.

They were released back in 1984 with the goal of catering for the needs of professional runners, who demanded comfortable, flexible and lightweight footwear just as the Equipment line that my partner Violeta talk about some time ago.


They were introduced in that year on the event known as the “Boston Marathon”, the day when racers run from Hopkinton to Back Bay, in Massachusetts.

The evolution of these adidas Boston Super hasn’t stopped since, and it so happens that on the 28th of September of 2014, Dennis Kimetto broke the marathon world record while wearing the adidas Adios Boost, the latest running footwear for top-level competition.

This adidas we just received manages to convey all the retro running essence of this model, thanks to the combination of colors and materials used.

The upper is made mostly of Nylon, providing this adidas Boston Super with complete flexibility and breathability.


To improve this model’s durability, suede insertions have been added along the upper.

The midsole is made of injected EVA rubber for outstanding comfort, as this material provides high impact absorption.


In what refers to the colourway, it could be described with just one word: spectacular.

Red is the main color on the upper of this sneaker, and over it there is a suede, maroon layer that brings up a perfect combination of warm shades.


The metalized golden detail on the three stripes and the heel ads that retro touch. The inscription “Boston Super” is also featured on the stripes.


As a finishing touch, the white sole with red and blue details perfectly match the upper.

If these adidas Boston Super caught your eye, you can get them at our adidas store.