adidas Gazelle vs Vans Era 59

Are you keeping track of our versus?

Today we have two sneakers so suitable for summer that we just can’t decide which one is better!

Vans Era 59 and adidas Gazelle: a face-off where any sneaker will make our summer.

 vans_era_59 adidas-gazelle-g04117_3

The summer season has arrived, and with it the same old doubts: I want a comfortable, light sneaker for a dressed-up look… that’s why today we show you this summer fashion icons.

The Vans Era 59 have been in the market for a long time, and that might be one of its appeals… or maybe their upper in maroon canvas makes them so special that everyone craves for them!

And our adidas Gazelle stand to the challenge with their premium suede upper, a higher quality version of their canvas predecessors.

vans-era-59-vuc6aqw_1 adidas-gazelle-g04117_1

Both models feature leather details that make them shine with their own light: in the Vans we find them on the heel and tongue, providing a touch of elegance in light brown. The adidas also have a leather heel and logo, in an immaculate white.

vans-era-59-vuc6aqw_2 adidas-gazelle-g04117_2

The sole of both models is a classic of each brand.

The Vans feature a smooth, white rubber sole with the colored line surrounding it, and the adidas a thinner sole, but adding some texture.

Which one do you choose?

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