adidas #mizxflux

On the 22nd of August, adidas released an app that has turned the sneaker market upside down in this short period. Thanks to textile digital printing, you can create your own adidas ZX Flux with a picture from your smartphone taking in that same instant, or even one that you had taken previously.

The first thing you need to do once you’ve downloaded #mizxflux app is select your sex, country and size and… let’s create! You take or select a picture and you’ll see how the app shows a preview of your customized adidas ZX Flux.


Right after that you can either purchase them or try new designs, and even share it through social networks. Do you want to try?

Since this app is such a hit, we wanted to choose some pictures from Instagram that I consider special. I didn’t want to set any ranking because I find each design equally original, so here we go!

Firstly, @dreiundneunziger’s design, which reminds us of the effect caused by adding paint to water, really impressive.


@hgielyk_sixiela’s design didn’t go unnoticed for me either, that galaxy print looks specially nice on the ZX Flux.


What better than a fresh design for summer, like @imukaat’s? Water and its reflections create an spectacular effect in contrast with the black details of the adidas.


Its @kelval’s turn. Nothing to add to this project with the picture of a blooming tree that reminds us of a japanese cherry tree. Elegance and colour in perfect balance, really impressive.


We go on with more natural prints. @miowenglam decided to add a print with purple and green leaves to his flux, creating a spectacular result.


With a complete change of style, @nth_275 captured in his adidas the drawing of a sugar mask, also known as mexican skull, commonly used for tattoos.


@Alain31072 chose for his ZX Flux a print that reminds us of picnic tablecloths, its geometry is perfect for decorating your own adidas.


One of the designs that surprised me the most is this one, by @paul_yen1976, a genuine fan of #textprinting, made up of different patches of what seems to be paint.


And to finish up this post, the design that impressed me the most, hands down, by @perfume_and_kicks. Using the fresh made by Miguel Angel on the Sixtine Chapel, this print is sure to impress everyone.


Fancy making yours? :D.