adidas New York Spezial “Carlos”: the result of a love story

Do you remember Carlos Ruiz? The lovely adidas-selling Argentine of the 80s? Adidas long ago struck a chord with a surprise video which showed off what made them great featuring lovers and collectors of the brand such as Ian Brown, Robert Brooks or Mike Chetcuti. For 34 years, Carlos Ruiz had ran a shop selling Adidas shoes from the 80’s and 90’s. You might call this more than a love of vintage. Since then, Adidas has returned to visit Buenos Aires to deliver Carlos a new, well-deserved surprise: nothing less than the new Adidas New York Spezial “Carlos” model, complete with retro style and Ruiz’s name, and have more than a meagre detail in his honor: the label on the tab is actually Carlos’ face.


The adidas New York Spezial “Carlos” are available from today. On a retro silhouette and EVA midsole, the OG colorway combines light blue (to incorporate the Argentine flag) with a grey “New York” print. But the icing on the cake for the adidas New York Spezial “Carlos” is definitely the label: Stan Smith’s name and image are replaced by those of Carlos Ruiz.


In addition to the different textures on the upper, the sole is accentuated by its golden colour.


We’ve left the link to the new video of the second visit to Carlos Ruiz’s Adidas store. If you’re diabetic, be careful, because it’s pretty sweet! 😉