adidas Spezial SS18

adidas Spezial SS18

The latest from adidas’s Spezial line comes to us from a pretty good Summer spot: Ibiza. Their latest lookbook picked quite the spot, from a thematic sense. The collection’s inspiration comes from adolescence and identity, connecting to the history of British rave culture.

The result is a mix of looks that vary in fit. We also see adidas refuse to hold back on color here, sporting a good mix of dark and brighter tones. The combo of muted colorways and pastel pieces really sets this collection apart from previous drops.

That being said, it the Spezial SS18 drop does well to continue some of the brand’s narrative. The line on this one is to focus on “a journey of self-discovery.” It’s a fitting connection to make with British culture as the movement was formed from a collective adolescent angst.

adidas spezial ss18

Shout out to the 1990s Rave Culture

Even if a certain corporate attitude eventually diluted everything down to profit margins, raving was something wholly invented and conceived by boisterous youths. This collection boasts some serious embroidery and combines both the trefoil and Spezial logo.

Harping on the theme, a “Summer of Love” vibe is prominent throughout the pieces, led by shorts and loose fit t-shirts. The rest of the pieces are fairly remarkable as well.

adidas glenbuck spezial ss18They each represent a great chance for the uninitiated to get more familiar with the brand’s history in sportswear.  Boasting other unheralded pieces, such as the Glenbucks and Pediham, the adidas Spezial SS18 looks all set up for some positive feedback.

It’s always nice to get a premium touch via a blast from the past and adidas has shown a real proficiency at this. Check it out online now.