adidas Stan Smith: the comeback of the retro-tennis icon

We continue introducing the new models arriving at foot District, and today it’s the turn of a really special sneaker: the adidas Stan Smith.

With its plain and minimalist design it could be one of adidas’ most easy to recognize sneakers, but its story will probable surprise you.


Firstly, we would like to clarify that this legendary sneaker, first released in 1964, wasn’t originally designed for Stan Smith, but for a french tennis player called Robert Haillet. In fact, the first editions had his name on the tongue, ad these are the most wanted by collectors.

Not until Haillet’s retirement did adidas propose that Stan Smith should endorse the sneaker, which resulted on one of the greatest hits by the german brand. This collaboration with such a charismatic tennis player helped them open their market on the USA, and in 1978 the “Robert Haillet” was officially renamed as the “adidas Stan Smith

But it isn’t just the partnership with the american tennis player which makes this sneaker special: adidas was the first to introduce leather as the only material on a tennis sneaker, which to that date had been made mainly of canvas. In addition, another detail sets them apart from other adidas sneakers: instead of the usual colored three stripes, it features three punctured lines on its upper.


In any case, the adidas Stan Smith could be summarized with the saying “less is more“. Their plain and straightforward design turned then into a success that adidas has surely put to good use, with countless reissues, special collaborations, colourways…

The long-awaited 2014 reissue maintains all these elements, including the legendary slogan “Endorsed by Stan Smith” on the tongue. The colour touches on the heel and the branding come in dark blue.

endorsed by stan smith

If you are not thrilled by our Stan Smith’s colourway, adidas gives you the chance to customize this classic sneaker to your liking. Just like with the “Nike ID” program, with “mi adidas” you’ll be able to design your dreamed Stan Smith. If you give it a shot, we’d love to see the result! 😀