adidas Superstar Vintage: so much more than a pair of adidas

It was no less than 46 years ago when the adidas Superstar was born, 46 years during which this sneaker has kept a good position in the market. They may have gone unnoticed during some seasons, but no longer. We can truly say that the adidas Superstar are here to stay.

It was 1969 when Adi Dassler, getting inspiration form an adidas tenis sneaker, released the adidas Superstar.

This one was designed for basketball, and Dassler kept the protection of both the sneaker and the feet of the wearer in mind. That’s why he added the well known rubber toe box.


Toe stubbing and toe box wear-put were taken care of, a decisive factor for the basketball players which helped the adidas Superstar succeed from the very beginning.

They were such a success that shortly after their release, the adidas Superstar were used by over 75% of NBA’s basketball players.

It was later, in the 80’s, when the Superstar left the court to conquer the streets. For rappers, b-boys and Hip-hop celebrities, these adidas were a must-have.


The best example is Run DMC, a band from New York that turned into a huge adidas influencer, making the Superstar their official footwear and paying a tribute to it with the famous song “My adidas”.

Four decades later, the Superstar stands strong and, after several reissues, colourways and limited editions, we introduce the adidas Superstar Vintage Deluxe.


Adidas wanted to keep the original silhouette of the sneaker, with a subtle vintage touch, which they got thanks to the color of the whole upper: Vintage White. Not quite a pure white, this color has a yellowish touch which makes the model completely retro.


Two colourways are available. White is combined with Collegiate green on the first, and with Core Black on the second.


Para la fabricación de las adidas Superstar Vintage Deluxe se han utilizado materiales premium. Piel para todo el upper y nobuk de alta calidad para las tres stripes.


Como detalle especial, en la lengüeta aparece un escudo en color dorado con la inscripción: “La marque aux 3 bandes”, y por supuesto, no debemos olvidar su puntera de goma, aspecto que las hace realmente especiales.

Si eres un amante de lo retro, las adidas Superstar Vintage son tus zapatillas, además las puedes conseguir ahora mismo en nuestra tienda online adidas 🙂