Adidas ZX 500 x Rita Ora.

Weird, special, out of the ordinary… Many adjectives can describe the kind of clothes Rita Ora wears, but they can be summed up in one: different.

If we join this eccentric personality to the ability this singer has to move the audience with her voice we have an explosive concoction that adidas, once more, has known how to use.

In fact, there are several collaborations between the brand of the three stripes and this artist, and in this case they surprised us with the #unstoppable collection.

Belonging to the collection they released two packs, the “Pastel” and the “Colourblock pack”, and we have the honor of offering you a sneaker model from the latter.


The sneakers we’re talking about are the adidas ZX 500 x Rita Ora. They show a silhouette from the 80’s that was designed for running, and which currently matches almost any outfit.

The upper of the sneaker is mostly made of black textile, so comfort goes from a concern to an advantage with this model.


The adidas ZX 500 x Rita Ora also feature a suede support on the heel that provides stability when you wear them.

In addition, on the sides you can see a black leather overlay, where the three stripes have been cut out and that hold the laces in place.

To finish up, the sole is decorated with a rainbow print with three colors: yellow, pink and blue, which add a distinctive touch both to these adidas and to the whole “Colourblock pack”.


Will Rita Ora collaborate with adidas again? We certainly hope so, and expect results as spectacular as these adidas ZX 500.

Meanwhile, do you want yours? You can get them in our adidas store. :).