adidas ZX 5000 RSPN: colourful technology

Even though we are still on sales, at foot District we are already receiving new and exciting sneakers. Today we want to introduce an adidas with an outstanding design: the adidas ZX 5000 RSPN.


The first thing that draws the eye about this sneaker is their black, translucent upper, that gives way to the underlaying multicoloured design. If you follow the adidas Originals collection, this artwork might look familiar, as it is a piece by the designer Duo Carnovsky, who collaborated with the german brand in their latest collection. His artwork and designs use colorful, abstract lines, and this adidas ZX is no exception.

adidas-zx5000-rspn_m18224_3 adidas-zx5000-rspn_m18224_2

The adidas ZX 5000 were first released in the late 80’s, and since then the have featured the most advanced technologies by the brand of the three stripes. On this occasion, there are several technologies on play to make sure you get the highest performance from these sneakers.

First of all, they feature the Torsion system, that spreads energy transmission the way Alfonso explained a few weeks ago. This system provides flexibility and adaptability, while the cushioning is improved by the Softcell technology on the heel.

adidas-Torsion adidas-Softcell

In addition to these innovations and their impressive design, the adidas ZX 5000 Response is made of materials of the highest quality; both the leather exterior and the neoprene interior provide outstanding durability and comfort.

adidas-zx-5000 adidas-zx5000-rspn_m18224_5

What’s your say? Do you dare to wear this adidas? 🙂