adidas ZX 700: vintage ergonomy

Hi there! How are you doing? Today, as usual, we’re going to talk about sneakers, but this time we’ve chosen a particular model, the adidas ZX 700. Do you want to learn more about it? Keep on reading…

It’s clear that vintage running aesthetic has come back stronger than ever in the last few months, and that’s why the big brands have decided to reissue their most classic models.

In this case, adidas has surprised us with these adidas ZX 700, first released back in the 80’s. This reissue is included in the Adidas Originals collection, thus demonstrating how this model has lasted overtime.


The adidas 700 were one of the first sneakers to be “correctly bio-mechanized“. This means they were designed with every characteristic of the human foot shape in mind, so that the sneaker could mold correctly to it. This way, this adidas ZX works in perfect harmony with the movement of its wearer.


In this reissue launched by adidas innovative synthetic materials have been used, much more contemporary than the ones used on the original release, allowing a spectacular colour combination like this red, blue, white and black adidas.

This sneaker is designed for running on any surface, which means total comfort for your every day thanks to the EVA rubber found on the midsole, in addition to the heel stabilizer which achieve a feeling of complete stability for the user of this sneaker.


Its colourway is based on the mix of four colours in perfect harmony: the lining is also quite flashy, due to an abstract multicoloured print. We can clearly draw the conclusion that, if you love vintage models but don’t like giving up on innovation, this adidas ZX 700 is your sneaker.

You can get them at our web store. See you soon! :).